Daylight Chasers Released

Daylight Chasers: Sparks Issue 1, has officially been released on Amazon.

The idea for the story originated from a single line in the song Daylight by Young Guns: “I know you don’t believe me, but all we need is daylight.”

This made me wonder about two things.

First, what would it mean if we had a day that dragged on, that nearly never ended? How would that be accomplished? I came upon the idea of moving west to jump time zones, to gain as much out of technically being in the same day as possible. But it wasn’t enough to simply exist in those time zones, what could happen if they could spend time around the world enjoying that moment of their lives?

The second question revolved around what daylight means when it comes to the events in our lives. It represents hope, excitement, love, joy. The night is mystery, but it’s also dark, the unknown.

In Daylight Chasers, I explore these two themes on the backdrop of the tragedy Isabella is experiencing. I also draw upon my own recent experience of loss to guide my path. In fact, this story became therapy for me, a way to tell myself the things I needed to hear.

I hope you all enjoy the story as much as I did writing it.

And remember- even if it opens to a hurricane, daylight will come.

Change will always come.

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