Short Stories

Here are a variety of short stories I’ve written.

August 2019

A story of life, love and the end of the world.

“The bar is the worst I’d ever stepped foot in— all rotted beams, faded ads and cracked shot glasses. But the world is ending, and I need to drown my sorrows one more time…”

You can also listen to a performance of Reset by the podcast Stories Fables Ghostly Tales.

Transdifferentiate (As seen in Prismatica Magazine, Issue #11)
August 2010

When his husband rests on the brink of death, Ezra breaks scientific ethics and moral codes to preserve the life they’ve built…

“Jean would have waxed poetic about the beauty of the ocean. How it’s our duty to learn as much as we can about it, that only twenty percent has been seen with human eyes. The thought sours his mood. Jean hadn’t been on a trip with him in months. It was the whole reason he was here. No breathtaking sunset in the middle of the Pacific Ocean would distract him…”

You can also purchase a physical copy of Prismatica Magazine, Issue #11, featuring Transdifferentiate.