The Fable of Wren: Sparks Issue 2 (Coming in April)

The newest issue of the quarterly Sparks zine is underway. The new issue will feature the short novella, The Fable of Wren.

Here is the sketch for the cover. I needed a break from writing, so I leaned on my drawing skills. I’m halfway through writing, with the whole story plotted out already. I’m averaging about a scene a day for now. The story will most likely be finished mid-February, giving me time to send it out to be polished.

This particular story is longer than my usual works by nearly double, but the story has been a godsend for me as far as working through some of my own trauma. The quirky cast of characters is a strange juxtaposition to the heavy issues handled in the story, but it works.

And oh yeah, did I mention it’s a mystery, featuring two amateur sleuths pursuing a murderer?

This will be one hell of a ride.