Author Interview: Sabrine Elouali

One of the bravest things someone can do as a writer is expose their trauma’s to the world with full honesty and earnestness. When part of that trauma is fighting your own inner demons to begin with, this challenge is especially daunting.

Sabrine Elouali’s poetry collection, Where Darkness Meets Light, seeks to expose the struggle of mental illness from the perspective of someone who’s been there. I can’t help but wonder at her bravery and dedication to be fighting a battle on several fronts and come out of it all the stronger for it. It’s a testament to the project, to her devotion, and to the importance of her cause.

I was glad she took the time to answer some of my questions, and I hope you’ll take the chance to read my review on the poetry collection as well.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi there, my name is Sabrine, I’m 24 years old, live in London, U.K. and I struggle with anorexia and OCD.

What is your favorite novel, and has it inspired how you write? How?

My favourite novel would have to be “Broken” by Karin Slaughter. It was written very detailed and open, the descriptions were quite vivid and I always try to get that same level of imagery In my poems.

Tell us about your novel/series.

My book is a poetry collection which sort of follows my journey from when I was young and at school till the present day. Detailing the trials and tribulations of my life as I struggled through many difficult traumas and events aswell as my own mental health issues.

What are some key takeaways you’re hoping readers get from your book(s)?

I hope people takeaway that they are not alone and that it’s okay to struggle and have a hard time, but also that there is hope.

What is different about your novel?

My book is different because it’s real. There’s no smoke and mirrors, just pure truth and transparency into what it’s like to deal with mental illness.

What are your plans for future novels?

I currently have a second book in the works which will be a lot darker than my current release. I plan to be even more open to the harsh realities that come with mental illness and not put any boundaries to my truth.

What inspires you to write?

I get inspired by vulnerability and honesty. I always want to be as open and truthful as I can about my story, and it always inspires me when others share theirs.

What do you enjoy about publishing, and what do you struggle with?

I really enjoy the process of publishing, the upcoming excitement, the anticipation, the reading over of your work, it’s all quite fun and gives me a sense of joy. I struggle with the marketing aspect of publishing, being an indie writer isn’t easy and you have to manage all of the selling yourself which can be quite tiring.

What has been your greatest struggle writing, and how would you inspire other writers to overcome it?

The greatest struggle writing would be having motivation and ideas. Sometimes I just go blank and become very frustrated with myself. I’d like to inspire others to overcome this problem by not being too hard on themselves, being patient with themselves and just simply trying their best. There is never any rush.

How can we purchase your book?

You can find my book on Amazon under “Where Darkness Meets Light” or on the Kindle store.

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