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Artist, animator, writer, designer, professor- I’ve worn a lot of labels, but the one thing I’ve always aspired to be is simply a storyteller. I live in Noblesville, Indiana in the USA with my sweet senior support dog and still draw and paint when I’m physically able.

My published works include a self-published novella, Daylight Chasers; my short story Reset published on the podcast Stories, Fables, and Ghostly Tales; and another short story, Transdifferentiate, premiering on the podcast Prismatica in August 2020.


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Short Stories

Here are a variety of short stories I’ve written.

August 2019

A story of life, love and the end of the world.

“The bar is the worst I’d ever stepped foot in— all rotted beams, faded ads and cracked shot glasses. But the world is ending, and I need to drown my sorrows one more time…”

You can also listen to a performance of Reset by the podcast Stories Fables Ghostly Tales.

Transdifferentiate (As seen in Prismatica Magazine, Issue #11)
August 2010

When his husband rests on the brink of death, Ezra breaks scientific ethics and moral codes to preserve the life they’ve built…

“Jean would have waxed poetic about the beauty of the ocean. How it’s our duty to learn as much as we can about it, that only twenty percent has been seen with human eyes. The thought sours his mood. Jean hadn’t been on a trip with him in months. It was the whole reason he was here. No breathtaking sunset in the middle of the Pacific Ocean would distract him…”

You can also purchase a physical copy of Prismatica Magazine, Issue #11, featuring Transdifferentiate.


Here are the current Novella releases Rue Sparks has for purchase.

Daylight Chasers

In their debut short story, Rue Sparks brings to life a modern-day fable on mortality, bravery, and acceptance.

Keenan loves his job at Daylight Chasers. With the help of proprietary technology that allows him and his partner Billy to jump time zones, he has the opportunity to guide his clients through a day that nearly never ends.

He can be charming, snarky, earnest, flirty, whatever he needs to be to put his client at ease. He can be anyone, but who he really is—a soft-spoken introvert with a need to control his surroundings.

Problem is his current client, Isabella Marquez, doesn’t seem to know what she needs. An enigma that runs hot and cold, Keenan quickly discovers that scripts and calculated acting aren’t going to help him this time. When the planned activities all start going south, Keenan wonders what is it about Isabella that tilts the world off its axis? What is it that everyone but him seems to know about the client he’s meant to guide?

Contact & FAQ

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Will You Review My Book?

I will absolutely take a look at your book information, as I’m always looking for books to review. I only review books I think I will enjoy, so I can be somewhat picky.  (Note that I DO NOT review books that include rape. I make no exceptions to this rule.)

Keep in mind, I schedule out my reviews months in advance, so if you’d like to be featured on the site, sooner is better than later! That said, I also do Amazon, Goodreads, and Audible reviews of books that don’t show up on my site as well. 

Do You Do Blog/Social Media Tours?

Yes! I love working with authors and publishers. Again, I book out in advance, so please contact me ASAP. My blog and social media tours usually include a feature in my newsletter,  a review and author interview on my site, a 2-week feature on my site homepage, and postings to my Twitter account.

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Over the years, I’ve created covers for myself as well as other authors, including the Nebula Award-winning Severna Park. Here are just a few of my favorites.

If you are interested in getting a cover commissioned, please use the contact form or email to rue.sparks.writes@gmail.com


These are covers for my own books I’ve released, as well as works in progress and abandoned works.

Daylight Chasers
by Rue Sparks

Sleepwalking with Strangers (Unreleased)
by Rue Sparks

Of Gods and Metronomes (Unreleased)
by Rue Sparks

Stranger at My Door (Unreleased)
by Rue Sparks


These are books I’ve been commissioned to create for a variety of authors over the years.

by Roby James

The Cure for Everything
by Severna Park

Woman Without a Shadow
by Karen Haber

by Rydre Dusks

Other Life Forms
by Julia Glassman