Flash Fiction

Here are a variety of flash fiction stories I’ve written, most of which were written for the Rue|LouPrompts Series.

As for the Bees
She meddled with the order of things she didn’t understand. Now the bees and humanity may pay the price.

Stories are fragile things. I tell the story of my wedding day and what ’till death do you part really means.

Fear Not the Gods
When Gods returned to Earth, they never expected there’d be a war between them and mortals.

Firefly Soul 
They are hard to spot at first. Our souls burn bright like fireflies, and the soulless are only the spaces between. Their absence is harder to impress against the background of stars in my vision.

Flappers & Finches (All That Glitters Isn’t Gold)
A one night stand that should have been more,  but maybe yet could be. AKA, when the peacock and magpie meet.

Left with the responsibility of clearing out her father’s home, it’s a four-legged, slobbering ball of fur that’s giving her the most trouble. But for how long?

 I’ll Be Your Misfit
They were both misfits, and maybe that was enough. The transformation from fellow outsiders to found family.

Machinations or Ghosts
Lia was there when she needed her. But some things are too good to be true. When Lia is exposed as no longer among the living, is there something otherworldly to blame?

A New Color of Sunrise
In a world where technology has advanced to creating news tastes, smells and colors, it’s the reign of the rich to enjoy them. 

No Roots
A curse takes them one by one. Is there salvation or selfishness left for the final sisters?

On Sunlight’s Edge
There’s always a price to be paid, but is the promise of a legacy worth the cost? Cienna is willing to give, and the witch will grudgingly take.

Sinners and Saints
It wasn’t the ring Jyn had wanted to give Lila, but sinners and murder force their hand.

Sleeping Dogs Don’t Lie
Caleb was left working a dead-end job as a single mistake leaves him at rock bottom. A friendly face may be the key to his revival. But is it so simple?

A Space Between the Stars
“‘You’re as dumb as an ox, Cam.’ He believed them, but felt he was made for more. As the years go by and doubt settles in, Cam makes a decision.

Weather the Storm
An office worked learns that personal rain clouds aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

We’re Only Braiding Roses
A princess forced into a marriage of treaties gets an unlikely savior.

 With the Pieces
When a teenager breaks her own heart—literally—she learns how to fix it.