Rue|Lou Prompt Series: “10 Nanoseconds in the Past”

For the 1/2/2020 prompt, Rue submitted ’10 Nanoseconds in the Past.”

We had two wonderful submissions that both happened to delve into the same subject. That said, they’re very different interpretations. Have a look!

Click on the links to read each individual submission. Please be aware of trigger and content warnings before clicking.


TW: Child Death (Referenced), Grief, PTSD
“I’ve been staring at my account for half an hour, but it doesn’t change. No matter how much I will it, no money magically appears…”
Ten Nanoseconds, rue sparks

CW: Grief, Child Death
“I know, rationally, that I did nothing wrong. In some quiet moments I can almost believe myself when I whisper “it’s okay”.”
10 Nanoseconds in the Past, Lou Willingham