Rue|Lou Prompt Series: “Dead or Alive”

For the 10/1/2020 prompt, Rue submitted “Dead or Alive.”

Below are the prompts submitted for this week. Thank you to all the participants!

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“It had been ten months since he had walked out the door; to pick up fish and chips for dinner of all things.
He never returned. Vanished without a trace. Became a ghost.”
Untitled, Rebecca Caffery

“Nothing like a quick buck to be made by answering these notes. I open the letter scanning details. Normal dude. Owes someone lots of money. More than an arm and a leg.
What’s it say?” My partner tries to take the note.
But that’s not needed. It’s simple. “Dead or alive.””
SS: Dead or Alive, Cat Hartliebe

““You want some bacon?” Jay hid a small smile, glancing at the tall pale man sitting at their kitchen table, his long fingers tracing the flowers on a worn vinyl tablecloth. Almost puffing with laughter at that cool, not-so-amused stare in Roman’s dark eyes.”
Dead or Alive, Maxime Jaz

“He backed up, eyes wide, not stopping his gait until he hit the wall of doors behind him. The one he recently opened banged shut from the movement. He paid it no mind, however, as he stared at the freshly peeled open corpse on the gurney before him.”
Rotting in Vain, Lily Luchesi

“To Eziel, it felt like cloud-jumping was the closest he’d ever get to flying.”
Cloud Jumper, Rue Sparks

“It’s peaceful.
I turn icy eyes up to the sky, searching the translucent blue for some sign of life. Just once, away to the left, a line of geese flap through the air in a noisy attempt to escape the coming storm. I hope they make it.”
Dead or Alive, Lou Willingham