Rue|Lou Prompt Series: “Ghost in the Machine”

For the 8/20/2020 prompt, Rue submitted “Ghost in the Machine.”

Below are the prompts submitted for this week. Thank you to all the participants!

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Eric had always wondered how his father’s machine worked. The papers said it was magic, his peers said it was sheer force of will. His father said, “It’s a secret.”
The Cobalt Diamond Factory, EM Harding

Arclight hurried out of the U-Bahn station. Mayer’s place was two doors down from here, and that was a good thing, since his last text had them worried.
Ghost in the Machine, Konstantin Mika

“She was what I needed when I needed it. Maybe that’s why I didn’t question it.
“Your brain is lying too,” came the message. And then a few seconds later, “Depression lies.”
“It doesn’t feel like a lie,” was my earnest reply.”
Machinations or Ghosts, Rue Sparks

There was something eerie about schools at night. Residual energy of children that walked the halls in the day left imprints in the darkness and as I turned the corridors of the science wing, I swore a little girl with pigtails ran past my hip.
Untitled, Storm T:@stormrosewriter

The magnetic jack sticks a little. I push my weight against it, find the right angle, and shove it into the new slot just as another light blinks into life.
I rip out another jack. Slam it into another slot.
Ghost in the Machine, Lou Willingham