Rue|Lou Prompt Series: “I’ll Be Your Misfit”

For the 6/18/2020 prompt, Rue submitted ‘I’ll Be Your Misfit”

Below are the prompts submitted for this week. Thank you to all the participants!

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“The book went back with a clunk.
She moved along the shelves, tugging out books that looked useful. Very few actually were.”

I’ll Be Your Misfit, Dew Hargreaves

“It wasn’t that the dog was ugly, per se…”
I’ll Be Your Misfit, Rue Sparks

“”Ah, you bastard,” Nick hisses, throwing down his sewing and sucking his middle finger.
I look up from my book.
He picks up his needle and keeps sewing, pulling thread through glistening fabric.

I’ll Be Your Misfit, Lou Willingham