Rue|Lou Prompt Series: “Some Princes Don’t Become Kings”

For the 2/27/2020 prompt, Lou submitted ‘Some Princes Don’t Become Kings.”Everyone took this prompt in a different direction! I love the variety we always get.

Click on the links to read each individual submission.


It took everything I had not to kick him in the balls.I could stomach him making eyes at me in class. I could even take the letters he left in my locker, sliding them through the tiny grate at the top. But this, this was too far.
Some Princes Don’t Become Kings, Dewi Hargreaves

Fuck you.”
“Fuck you! I said I’m not doing it!” the man behind him cuffs Will upside the head.
The Coin, OSTBear

“”I’m just young enough to still believe but young enough not to know what to believe in.” The first words I remember telling you are branded in my memory. The fire of youth burned in us both, but the flames only licked at ashes around us.”
Prince of Glass, Rue Sparks

“Royal funerals are spectacular. From midnight to midnight, no one in the city makes a sound—except to read my name, as if whispering it will breathe life back into the body they carry on their shoulders.
Some Princes Don’t Become Kings, Lou Willingham