Rue|Lou Prompt Series: “Sometimes You Fall to Rise Onto a New Mountain”

For the 1/16/2020 prompt, Rue submitted ‘Sometimes You Fall to Rise Onto a New Mountain.”

We’ve decided to give each prompt two weeks to better give everyone a chance to think through it and get something written. Below are the prompts submitted for this week. Thank you to all the participants!

Click on the links to read each individual submission.


“I struggle through the drifts, feet burying into snow up to my knees with every step. My hands are numb from the cold, ice and snow no longer melting under them when I grasp the trees to keep myself upright. The occasional pinpricks that shoot through my fingers mean I may yet keep them, but not if I don’t get out of the blizzard, soon.”
A New Mountain, rue sparks

“I have the biggest headache known to mankind.
I roll onto my side, trying to escape the sunlight, and something catches my arm. The surface I’m lying on is cold and unforgiving, tugging my shirt as I move, but it’s easier to breathe like this. Even with my head hanging and the side of my neck stretched, it’s easier to breathe.

You Fall to Rise, Lou Willingham