Rue|Lou Prompt Series: “There’s A Demon Inside”

For the 2/13/2020 prompt, Lou submitted “There’s A Demon Inside.”

We have one submission so far, more coming as Thursday approaches!


“There’s a demon inside the Cheshire Cat. He will peel you out of your skin before you can say cat-o-nine tails.”
Untitled Tweet, Melissa G

“It was well-known that many magic swords contained the souls of living things.”
There’s A Demon Inside, Dewi Hargreaves

“‘What can I do to get you inside one of these beautiful cars?’ It was such a cliched thing for a car salesman to say, and that’s why Jeremiah Tork smiled when he heard it.
(This story did not fit in the 500 word limit, but it is a wonderful story all the same!)
The Fine Print, Andy Hollandbeck

“It grips me in a chokehold, the breath hanging suspended in my throat.”
Demon Inside, Rue Sparks

He had been walking for three days and the child’s body had begun to stink.”
The Mediator, tim_thewordjunkie/XConvent

“When I was very small, I swallowed the pip of a silver apple. My mother had received the fruit from a fellow witch to protect our secluded home from demons.”
There’s A Demon Inside, Lou Willingham