Rue|Lou Prompt Series: “Underneath It All, We’re Just Savages”

For the 4/9/2020 prompt, Rue submitted ‘Underneath it All, We’re Just Savages” from the song Savages by Marina.
Below are the prompts submitted for this week. Thank you to all the participants!

Click on the links to read each individual submission.


“Rod walked slowly down the street, rifle resting in the crook of his arm. His white cap kept the glaring sun off his head and his khakis were loose linen, but sweat still poured down him, making his face slick. It was a bad day. It had been a bad night.
Beneath it All We’re Savages, Dewi Hargreaves

“I felt the warmth of the fire burn behind me.
Psycho, Zach Neuman

“I often wonder what the Gods thought would happen upon their return. Maybe they thought we needed guidance, that their magnanimous but firm hand would turn the human race into something of universal beauty.
They probably didn’t expect a war. 

Fear Not the Gods, rue sparks 

Pressure in my lower back flares up every time the ground slopes. I do everything I can to hide the pain from George but he knows it’s there. 
Underneath it All, We’re Just Savages, Lou Willingham