Rue|Lou Prompt Series: “Watch Me As I Fly”

For the 7/9/2020 prompt, Rue submitted “Watch Me As I Fly”

Below are the prompts submitted for this week. Thank you to all the participants!

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“Erendar sat with his hands folded in his lap. The cloth of his long sleeves tucked them away.
He took a deep breath, glancing around his garden. He saw his blue iceflowers, their petals dripping like icicles.”

Watch As I Fly, Dewi Hargreaves

“‘Art is never finished, only abandoned.’
Untitled, Elli @ibrokethestars

“Eleven, he thinks, more than last year, less than the year before. He marks the number on the small spiral-bound notebook that sits on the weathered table next to him. Beside it, a half-full glass of amber iced tea, the many ring stains next to it telling of many such mornings.”
Watch Us Fly, Rue Sparks

Nicky turns up at my doorstep in the middle of the night, face drained of colour and petrol station carnations in hand. He and the flowers are dripping wet, and this is such a surprise that I step back into the hall and let him in.
He always stuns me.”
Watch As I Fly, Lou Willingham