#WritingCommunity Booklist – Adult – Fantasy, Science Fiction

Short Stories:

Transformed into a Hot Babe — Daniela R. Lovejoy
Romance – Erotica – Science Fiction

An average guy ends up unknowingly taking part in a secret gender-swapping experiment that leaves him transformed into a woman, seeking help adjusting to the new life at the lesbian co-worker he had a crush on.


Echoes of Blood  — Fiona Glass
Romance – Supernatural – LGBTQ+

In this m/m vampire romance, a gay New Romantic club in Liverpool harbours chilling secrets, drawing newly-single Daniel into a web of history, blood and deep desire. Only by going back to what he fears most will he find the love he craves.


Daylight Chasers — Rue Sparks
Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction, Magic Realism

Daylight Chasers is a speculative novella and a modern fable on mortality, bravery, and acceptance.
Take a time-hopping road trip with Keenan across the USA to learn what is really happening to his client, Isabella.


Red Moon — Sein Ares
Romance, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy (18+, Not Erotica)

Have you ever imagined, the End of Man?
A world where Magic is life and Demons thrive?
Have you ever imagined, if it would be a better world?
I know I did, until the Red Moon.
Ice fell like rain, waves eclipsed the skies and death upon death.
All the while, Gods silent.

Then Saisho jumped into the pit, and a ripple began.
The First Hellbrids walked, and the ripple flourished.
Ten thousand years passed, and the ripple faded away.
Until the Red Moon again, and Chaos began,
The ripple again, and an Era began,
With the world echoing again,
“Those who sin die by the way they sinned!”

Trigger warning: This series is rated R18 for adult situations, graphic violence, harem relationships and mentions of rape.


The Jealousy of Jalice — Jesse Nolan Bailey

In this dark fantasy, two women enact a scheme to overthrow a tyrant chief by first kidnapping his wife. Annilasia whisks Jalice off into a forest infested with beasts and demonic entities, while Delilee, remains behind to spy on the chief. Yet a dangerous event from Jalice’s past threatens to undo their schemes.


Fidele — Jenna Lynn Brown
Romance – Paranormal

Two WWII veterans look for peace and companionship in 1950s New Orleans while dealing with a family curse and a vengeful ghost.


The Misadventures of Jayna Whitman — Lucas Carson

Jayna Whitman is an eleven-year-old girl who comes from a family of doctors. She goes to school, but regularly ditches to explore the forest on the outskirts of her hometown of Port Larius, until one day, a group of pirates arrives in town and she is forced to stay home due to a mandatory curfew. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, she finds the Adventures of Korga books on her family bookshelf and discovers a whole new world of adventures. The books inspire her to take up swordplay and give her aspirations of becoming a hero just like Korga, but she will learn the hard way that there is far more to being a hero than what she reads about in her favorite stories.


Death, Just Grinn and Bear It  — Christopher Hooley
Fantasy – Urban Fantasy – Paranormal Fantasy

DEATH, JUST GRINN AND BEAR IT is a raw, gut-punching, no-holds-barred paranormal fantasy about the tragic beauty of life and the inescapable mystery of death.


Alathea: Goddess & Empress — Dylan Madeley

Over-sheltered heiress Alathea learns about life and survives a gauntlet of dangers on the way to claiming an imperial throne. A series of people tries to educate, control or kill her, and she must determine how best to handle whom. She takes a piece of everything she is taught and imagines her own destiny; however, some aspects of the world can’t be conquered by sheer force of will.


The Crown Princess’ Voyage — Dylan Madeley

An embattled crown princess and her loyal former enemy leave an increasingly hostile homeland with a fleet of soldiers and riches. They sail right into the trap of a forgotten power who has a dangerous obsession with the princess and her gift-knight, and plans that encompass the world. Book 2 of 3, sequel to The Gift-Knight’s Quest.


The Gift-Knight’s Quest — Dylan Madeley

A young woman claims the throne on a legal technicality and tries to hold an empire together while investigating the truth behind the king and queen’s death. Meanwhile, an old enemy of her family is called to be her personal guard and is torn between duty and the opportunity for vengeance. Book 1 of 3.


The Masked Queen’s Lament — Dylan Madeley

A crown princess, a former knight and their allies barely have any time to regroup before their enemy unleashes her full plot against the world, framing the princess for an atrocity and starting a few wars at once. An ensemble cast fights for their lives and the freedom to be who they are. Book 3 in a trilogy, after The Gift-Knight’s Quest and The Crown Princess’ Voyage.


Her Name Is Murder — A.C. Merkel
Speculative Fiction

Magical musician Murder LaVoe is tired of running. She’s been running for nearly 500 years. When you don’t age, people take it personally. She’s returned 30 years later to her favorite borough in New York City, hoping to finally settle down and hide her secret by taking the identities of falsified heirs. A public attempt on the life of her Rock-N-Roll alter ego, Lady Dreamscapes, and a chance meeting of subservient immortals in need, threaten to take away the life she holds so dear. Can NYPD detective Grant Noble III solve her mysteries in time to save her? Maybe it’ him that needs saving?


London Calling — A.C. Merkel
Urban Fantasy

Murder must face her past once more, up close and in person, as she races the clock to find out what really happened to her mother.


Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley — Kelly Miller
Romance – Fantasy – “Pride and Prejudice” Sequel

Fitzwilliam Darcy’s well-ordered life is about to become a chaotic nightmare. A man of fortune, property, and social prominence, he has everything he could desire. Blissfully married to his wife, Elizabeth, they have a two-year-old son. With so much to live for, Darcy is shaken by a near-fatal riding accident. After a miraculous escape, he is visited by an otherworldly being: an angel of death named Graham. Threatening dire consequences, Graham compels Darcy to guide him on a sojourn in the world of mortals.


The Moon Hunters — Anya Pavelle
Science Fiction

The Pestilence sweeps the globe with terrifying speed. A group of survivors finds an island sanctuary. Three generations later, no one has heard from the outside world in years. The old radio only crackles with static. The Pestilence either finished its job or the world tore itself apart. In the Village of Lehom, Leilani has been called to court as a Virtue by the King. Going to court means losing her independence and self-respect. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a choice. Leilani decides to take a stand; the King be damned. She plans a daring escape and sets in motion a series of events that will shake the foundation of her village and the island to its core.


Emma’s Fury  — Linda Rainier
Fantasy – Urban Fantasy – Supernatural

Women are reborn as Furies, defending the balance between humanity and the paranormal world. Emma’s life is strictly controlled as she battles monsters and tries to escape Death yet again.


Innocence & Carnality — J. Alan Veerkamp
Romance – Steampunk

Nathan Valencus’ marriage has been arranged to quiet aristocratic gossip in his homeland of Deilia. Lord Rother Marsh Delaga III has agreed to take his hand with one stipulation: that the young 20 year old Nathan is a virgin. Nathan is whisked away to a new life in far off Marisol only to learn life at his home and his husband’s business at Delaga House is not what he expected at all.


Dead Heads — Ross Young
Speculative Fiction

Someone has stolen the Grim Reaper’s head and Detective Blunt has been told to find it. In a new city where the rules of the living don’t apply Blunt’s up to his neck in the brown stuff and he’s never been much of a swimmer. With the aid of a woman who keeps turning involuntarily invisible, a journalist who hasn’t written an article since she died, and a bureaucrat who can’t say no to anyone, Blunt’s got to stop whoever is stealing the heads of the city’s elite before things get too lively.