#WritingCommunity Booklist – Adult – General, Literary Fiction, Poetry


Unlucky Fours — Ellen Chang-Richardson
Poetry – Contemporary Verse – Memory

A series of short, intimate poems about two-faced people and two-faced political systems.

Short Stories:

Two Pairs of Shorts — WC Clinton
General Fiction – Literary Fiction – Comedy

From a contentious church board meeting to a neighborhood watch gone wrong, from a young man mailing Christmas cards on a cold December night to a middle-aged woman’ contemplation of her life as she performs a summer chore, “two pairs of shorts” provides glimpses into the everyday lives of four protagonists. Divided between “Light” and “Dark” this quartet of short stories moves in gradations from comic to tragic


Three Halves of a Whole  — M.E. Aster
Romance – General Fiction – LGBTQ+

Andrew hasn’t spoken to his ex-boyfriend Riley in almost two years, until one fateful night when he receives a phone call from the other man that he finds himself unable to ignore. What will happen when rules are broken and a relationship that Andrew thought had died is given a chance of rekindling? Will things be different this time around…or will it all end in misery for a second time…


October Storms — Amanda Collins Beams
General Fiction

On the Illinois prairie in 1897, a tale of loss, survival, trust & bonds of friendship even death couldn’t break.


Body and Soul — Dr. Mario Dell’Olio
Romance – Literary Fiction – LGBTQ+

Raised in a strict Catholic family, Luca seemed destined for priesthood. His safe spiritual world is shattered after just one kiss with a college roommate. Luca enters a period of self-discovery as his journey of love opens his eyes to joy he never thought possible. Along with his new-found love comes unfathomable pain and self-doubt. Years later, a newly ordained bishop is at the pinnacle of his career when a chance encounter with a lover from his youth threatens to upend his prestigious career and comfortable life. His vow of celibacy and vocation are called into question as he struggles with his faith, loneliness, and need for love. How do these seemingly disparate characters come together to make sense of the unexpected twists and turns in their lives? How do they balance their bodily desires with their soul’s search for meaning?


Follow your Dream — Writing: John Scott Hightower, Photography: Bonnie M Hightower
Family Drama

Scott had to go into emergency surgery, but that’s not the problem. Scott won’t come out a dream like state coma. Will the love of his family be enough to bring him out of it?


Anguish — Lillie Jayne
Romance – General Fiction – LGBTQ+

Theo and Finn have been best friends their entire lives and secretly in love with each other for most of it. Until one reckless night threatens to destroy the very bonds of that friendship and sever the ties holding them together, forever.


Stay — Ash Knight
Romance – General Fiction – LGBTQ+

Joe Calloway has been on the run since he was sixteen, homeless and alone. He never lets anyone close. Between his traumatic past and his autism, he isn’t used to people taking the time to understand him. Even so, when a stranger offers him a way to build a better life for himself, Joe finds the strength to go for it. Madden Fields is fully devoted to his older sister, her autistic son, and his job as a nurse, but when he meets Joe, his carefully ordered life begins to pick up speed. As their connection deepens, Madden realizes he’s going to have to hold on tight if he wants to be an anchor strong enough for Joe to stay.