#WritingCommunity Booklist – Adult – Historical Fiction


Primitive Passions — John M. Cahill
Historical Fiction

Primitive Passions, a novel of life on the border between of 17th-Century New York and New France, is the story of Sean O Cathail, a fur trader at a time when Dutch and Canadian fur traders competed to control access to the Indians. He faces adversity, danger and intrigue while securing an English-Iroquois alliance and thwarting the efforts of the French to divide and conquer the Five Iroquois Nations. Even the women who love him  “his Mohawk lover, Kai, and the Dutch bond servant, Laurentje van Reuyter“ are eventually swept up in the primitive passions of the savage frontier.


Savage Wilderness — John M. Cahill
Historical Fiction

1687: The Colony of New York is in dire financial straits. The flow of furs, the life’s blood of the colony, has slowed to a trickle. Traders from Albany are forced to go ever further west in search of peltries. Although only recently married, Sean O’Cathail joins the small group of adventurers who have the courage to face the savage wilderness. The governor of New France, however, is aware of their plans and invades Iroquois territory to keep them from reaching the Great Lakes. When Sean and his comrades are surrounded and captured by a vastly superior force of French and Indians, they must use all means at their disposal to survive. Held prisoner at Montreal, Sean manages to escape. But, while trying to reach Albany, he is recaptured and tortured; and it is only with the help of Kai, his former lover, that he is able to survive and return to his young bride, Laurentje.


The Trail of a Traitor — John M. Cahill
Historical Fiction

1689-90: King William’s War, between England and France, spreads from Europe to the Americas as French Canadians and their Huron allies mount attacks on the English colonies. By chance, Sean O Cathail learns that Jeremy Cox, his longtime nemesis, has turned traitor and joined with the French and their Huron allies in raiding the homesteads and hamlets of New York. When Sean learns that Cox has participated in the massacre at Schenectady, Sean vows to finally bring Cox to justice. But, before Sean can act, Cox kidnaps Sean’s closest and dearest friend, Megan O Reilly. The quest becomes personal for Sean. Can he rescue Megan? Can he bring Cox to justice? To do so, he must follow the trail of a traitor.


Full Circle — Daisy Wood
Historical Fiction

It is a book of Avarice, Hate, Justice and Love, and also to know that no matter what you obtain in this life, you cannot take it with you. You are just a custodian to leave for those who follow.