#WritingCommunity Booklist – Adult – Memoir, Non-Fiction

Short Stories:

So You’re Not Supermom: It’s Ok!  — JN Supermom

This is a compilation of short rants from a foul mouthed mom with some little words of wisdom! You dont have to be a woman or even have kids to enjoy this read! The reviews prove that. You just can’t be offended by swears and honesty!


Where There is Movement — Evan Knapp

Evan writes a note to change his life. “I won’t be home for dinner.” And he is gone, teenager, aspiring dancer and now runaway, bound for the ballet world of Portland with $15 dollars, nowhere to sleep and a support system of exactly him. He finds a grungy flop house and seeks out the studios where he can practice his art. By day and evening, a prodigy dance student and lauded performer, by midnight a careening partaker of Portland’s underground scene, Evan flings himself head-first toward ballet luminescence or back alley extinction. Peopled with mods and Wave-os, prostitutes and punks, the beautiful broken and happy, squatting bohemians, Evan negotiates roiling seas of counter-culture culture and mainstream art world success. A career expanding and a psyche imploding, he stalks his missing pieces with grace and fury. Told with bare-naked truth and startling humor unique, Evan Knapp’s real-life descent into the darkest corners of the 1980s resounds far beyond the last page. *A short-form bildungsroman memoir. Gay author, a few explicit scenes.


Coming About: Life In the Balance — Dr. Mario Dell’Olio

A mid-life crisis, a sailing adventure, and a rescue at sea, Coming About tells a story of survival and inner-strength through a foundational loving relationship. Coming About is a memoir of Mario and Jim who, at 40, quit their jobs and sell their home in San Francisco to follow their dream. They buy a 50-foot sailboat and move to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands where they discover many quirky facets of adjusting to life on the island as well as its many cultural idiosyncrasies. During the maiden voyage from the US mainland to St. Thomas, they encounter treacherous weather conditions and a series of life-threatening events that lead to a rescue at sea and the destruction of their dreams of retirement in a Caribbean paradise. Battling relentlessly crushing waves and shark-infested waters, their lives hang in the balance. Their struggles are vividly recounted as they search for meaning in the near loss of their lives and the shattering of their dreams.


Chasing Cosby — Nicole Weisensee Egan
Narrative Non-Fiction

The definitive account of Bill Cosby’s transition from revered father figure to convicted criminal, told by a veteran investigative journalist and former senior writer for People magazine. She was the first reporter to dig into the allegations back in 2005 when others shied away. The book explores the cultural and sociological issues that influenced the case while delving into the psychological calculations of a serial predator and calling out all of his enablers, including those in the media.