#WritingCommunity Booklist – Adult – Romance


You are my Always! — John Scott Hightower

You are my Always! is a book about love for lovers. Poem to poem, shows the deep love between them. The husband writes all these beautiful love poems, showing the love the husband has for his wife and the wife has for her husband. This book is about the true meaning of life, which is love.


My Lovely Girl! — John Scott Hightower (Author), Bonnie Martin Hightower (Photographer)

My Lovely Girl! is a fantastic book about love. A couple who fell in love with one another and their love continues to ignite. Read along and see for yourself, about the love that continues to blossom between these two lovers!

Short Stories:

Female Legacy — Daniela R. Lovejoy
Romance – Erotica

Alex is out of work, but an inheritance from a strange uncle changes him into a female. That opens new job opportunities and romantic possibilities with the lesbian neighbor and maybe a happy ever after ending.


My Lesbian College Love — Daniela R. Lovejoy
Romance – Erotica

A fusion between an erotic gender swap and a lesbian romance story helped by a small amount of paranormal magic, leading to a search for a happy ever after ending.


Transformed into a Hot Babe — Daniela R. Lovejoy
Romance – Erotica – Science Fiction

An average guy ends up unknowingly taking part in a secret gender-swapping experiment that leaves him transformed into a woman, seeking help adjusting to the new life at the lesbian co-worker he had a crush on.


Three Halves of a Whole  — M.E. Aster
Romance – General Fiction – LGBTQ+

Andrew hasn’t spoken to his ex-boyfriend Riley in almost two years, until one fateful night when he receives a phone call from the other man that he finds himself unable to ignore. What will happen when rules are broken and a relationship that Andrew thought had died is given a chance of rekindling? Will things be different this time around…or will it all end in misery for a second time…


Echoes of Blood  — Fiona Glass
Romance – Supernatural – LGBTQ+

In this m/m vampire romance, a gay New Romantic club in Liverpool harbours chilling secrets, drawing newly-single Daniel into a web of history, blood and deep desire. Only by going back to what he fears most will he find the love he craves.


A Sprinkle of your love — Rebecca Ridge

When Kirsten finds herself divorced, alone and without her children at Christmas, she heads to a small town in England.
Where she hopes to hide until the holidays are over.
Instead of the solitude she craves, she finds friendship, self-worth and a new perspective that will change her life forever. With maybe a sprinkle of love.


Level Up : Level One : Headshot — Alexa Sommers
Romance – Erotic Romance

Dillon Strands is not your typical college co-ed. While others are chasing down parties and partners, living out their dreams of debauchery, Dillon and his friends are studying, gaming and stuck in a rut, their social lives hanging by a thread. After a semester of continued promises to step out of their comfort zone, the five friends find themselves exactly where they started. Enter Suzanne Andrews, a gamer girl with a plan.


Red Moon — Sein Ares
Romance, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy (18+, Not Erotica)

Have you ever imagined, the End of Man?
A world where Magic is life and Demons thrive?
Have you ever imagined, if it would be a better world?
I know I did, until the Red Moon.
Ice fell like rain, waves eclipsed the skies and death upon death.
All the while, Gods silent.

Then Saisho jumped into the pit, and a ripple began.
The First Hellbrids walked, and the ripple flourished.
Ten thousand years passed, and the ripple faded away.
Until the Red Moon again, and Chaos began,
The ripple again, and an Era began,
With the world echoing again,
“Those who sin die by the way they sinned!”

Trigger warning: This series is rated R18 for adult situations, graphic violence, harem relationships and mentions of rape.


Fidele — Jenna Lynn Brown
Romance – Paranormal

Two WWII veterans look for peace and companionship in 1950s New Orleans while dealing with a family curse and a vengeful ghost.


Body and Soul — Dr. Mario Dell’Olio
Romance – Literary Fiction – LGBTQ+

Raised in a strict Catholic family, Luca seemed destined for priesthood. His safe spiritual world is shattered after just one kiss with a college roommate. Luca enters a period of self-discovery as his journey of love opens his eyes to joy he never thought possible. Along with his new-found love comes unfathomable pain and self-doubt. Years later, a newly ordained bishop is at the pinnacle of his career when a chance encounter with a lover from his youth threatens to upend his prestigious career and comfortable life. His vow of celibacy and vocation are called into question as he struggles with his faith, loneliness, and need for love. How do these seemingly disparate characters come together to make sense of the unexpected twists and turns in their lives? How do they balance their bodily desires with their soul’s search for meaning?


Mistress Managed – Book One — B.J. Frazier
Romance – Erotica – Legal Thriller

A fierce attorney by day–with a Mafia lawsuit–and a feisty domme by night, Jeneca Avery receives an unusual request from a dom: He wants to submit!


And the Next Thing You Know… — Chase Taylor Hackett
Romance – Comedy

Jeffrey Bornic knows exactly the kind of guy he wants. Someone smart, ambitious, driven, not to mention buff, polished professional in a well-fitting suit. In other words, somebody exactly like Jeffrey Bornic. What the guy won’t be is a short, bad-tempered, artsy-fartsy demon, wearing sneakers held together with duct tape. And the next thing you know, Jeff’s wondering if the last guy he’d EVER fall for might be exactly that.


Where Do I Start? — Chase Taylor Hackett
Romance – Comedy

Fletcher Andrews didn’t believe in promises, or relationships, or love. He believed in hormones. The thing is, just because you don’t believe in love, doesn’t mean it isn’t real. It just means you don’t see it coming until it’s way too late.


Anguish — Lillie Jayne
Romance – General Fiction – LGBTQ+

Theo and Finn have been best friends their entire lives and secretly in love with each other for most of it. Until one reckless night threatens to destroy the very bonds of that friendship and sever the ties holding them together, forever.


Stay — Ash Knight
Romance – General Fiction – LGBTQ+

Joe Calloway has been on the run since he was sixteen, homeless and alone. He never lets anyone close. Between his traumatic past and his autism, he isn’t used to people taking the time to understand him. Even so, when a stranger offers him a way to build a better life for himself, Joe finds the strength to go for it. Madden Fields is fully devoted to his older sister, her autistic son, and his job as a nurse, but when he meets Joe, his carefully ordered life begins to pick up speed. As their connection deepens, Madden realizes he’s going to have to hold on tight if he wants to be an anchor strong enough for Joe to stay.


Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley — Kelly Miller
Romance – Fantasy – “Pride and Prejudice” Sequel

Fitzwilliam Darcy’s well-ordered life is about to become a chaotic nightmare. A man of fortune, property, and social prominence, he has everything he could desire. Blissfully married to his wife, Elizabeth, they have a two-year-old son. With so much to live for, Darcy is shaken by a near-fatal riding accident. After a miraculous escape, he is visited by an otherworldly being: an angel of death named Graham. Threatening dire consequences, Graham compels Darcy to guide him on a sojourn in the world of mortals.


Innocence & Carnality — J. Alan Veerkamp
Romance – Steampunk

Nathan Valencus’ marriage has been arranged to quiet aristocratic gossip in his homeland of Deilia. Lord Rother Marsh Delaga III has agreed to take his hand with one stipulation: that the young 20 year old Nathan is a virgin. Nathan is whisked away to a new life in far off Marisol only to learn life at his home and his husband’s business at Delaga House is not what he expected at all.