#WritingCommunity Booklist – Young Adult – Romance

Short Stories:

25 Servings of Soop — CeekayTaty
Romance – General Fiction – Mystery

We’ve described 25 Servings of SOOP as a literary wine tasting of up-and-coming talent. This wine tasting has the sweet rosé of “Frank and Lily” by Sian Fullerton balanced by more intense flavors such as “The Storm in His Eyes” by Charmaine Kimbini and “The Unpainted Portrait” by M.D. Jerome. Heartwarming stories are juxtaposed with stories of absolute horror.


Lodesyia — C.F. Turner
Romance – Fantasy – Science Fiction

Loddy Clementine is a regular teenager until she discovers that she has a dark spirit inside of her which may grant her any power known or unknown to man. She is called upon to save an entire galaxy of people from devastating war, but in her quest to stop this war, she must learn to control the dark spirit. Otherwise, it could end up destroying everyone and everything in existence.